If you're hosting a golf tournament in your area, now's the time to stock up on promotional gifts. Golf tournaments aren't the same without promotional products. If you want to make your tournament memorable, you need to plan the right assortment of promotional gifts. Choosing an assortment of gifts allows participants to choose their gifts. Not only that, but you can categorize your promotional gifts according to recipient status. For instance, big-ticket buyers would have access to better promotional gifts. If you're not sure what type of promotional gifts to buy for your golf tournament, read the list provided below. Here are four gift options that will be a big hit with the participants.  

Portable Coolers

If you're choosing promotional gifts for your golf tournament, start with portable coolers. One of the great things about portable coolers is that participants can use them during the golf tournament. But, they can continue to use them long after the tournament is over. Branded coolers provide long-term advertising for your golf tournament. This is an important feature if you plan to make your tournament an annual event. 

Water Bottles

When it comes to choosing promotional gifts for your golf tournament, you can't go wrong with branded water bottles. There are many water bottle styles to choose from. If you choose insulated water bottles, participants will have access to cold water throughout the tournament. If you choose water bottles with handles, participants won't struggle to carry them. As an added benefit, you won't have to clean up discarded single-use water bottles after the tournament. 

Golf Kits

If you're planning promotional gifts for your golf tournament, don't forget about the avid golfers. Give them promotional golf kits. You can fill their kits with all the accessories they need for a good game of golf. Some of those items include golf ball markers, golf tees, and extendable ball retrievers. Don't forget the golf towels and the 3-in-1 golf tools. 


Finally, now that you're buying promotional gifts for your golf tournament, be sure to include plenty of branded clothing options. Clothing items are always a hit where promotional gifts are concerned. You can choose from items like socks, sun visors, and windbreakers. Best of all, these items can be worn during the golf tournament. 

Make sure your golf tournament is memorable. The promotional gifts described above will provide enjoyment for your participants and good advertising for your golf tournament. 

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