You may already know that it's a good idea for your accounting firm to have an email newsletter. This is a great way to keep people interested in your services, to provide your clients with valuable information and more. If you are hoping to find a little bit of advice about putting out your newsletter, consider these tips. With a little bit of effort, you can put out a great newsletter that your clients and others will look forward to receiving in their email inboxes. 

1. Use the Right Newsletter Platform

First of all, even though you can certainly send out newsletters from your own email account, you will probably find that using a newsletter platform will be very helpful. This is particularly true if you have built up a big list of subscribers. The right newsletter platform will make it much easier for you to keep track of all of your subscribers, to send out your email newsletters on a schedule and more. When choosing a newsletter platform, consider looking for one that is designed with accounting firms in mind. 

2. Come Up With Current Information

When coming up with content for your accounting firm newsletters, you should definitely make sure that you are providing current information. For example, during tax season, you will probably want to send out emails about tax laws. If something new is going on with your business, then you should send out information about these big changes. If there is a new law that might impact your audience in some way, then you might want to center your content around that law. You can even find inspiration for content for your newsletter from current events that are going on. By coming up with current, relevant information, you can help keep your accounting newsletter fresh and interesting for your readers.

3. Send Out Emails With the Right Frequency

You have to strike a careful balance when it comes to sending out newsletters. You want to send them out frequently enough that your clients don't forget about you and your business, but you shouldn't send out the newsletters so often that they become an annoyance for your customers. In addition to trying to strike this balance yourself, you can also choose to offer different subscription options for your subscribers to choose from. Some may want to get daily or weekly emails, for example, while others might be happier with once-a-month emails from your accounting firm.

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