The call to action is an important part of marketing efforts. Sales and promotional professionals have long used this strategy in printed ad copy and other written marketing materials, and it's just as crucial today in ecommerce website design. At its most basic, the call to action is intended to inspire people to respond positively and promptly to the message in the materials.

The Simplest Model

A button that the prospective customer can press is the simplest call to action. There should be a compelling short instruction attached to this button. The words "buy it now" or "make your purchase here" are effective, but phrases with more specific detail work even better. They look less like a generic template and more customized. For instance, the button might read "book your reservation now" or "order your free copy today." Words that indicate a time factor encourage the reader to act quickly.

Calls to Action With Blogs and Articles

Written material that isn't ad copy, copywriting or other promotional text needs more subtle calls to action. This kind of content might include a link to click on with a low-pressure message like, "check out our services today" or "get started by looking at our gallery of products." The link makes it extremely easy for a site visitor to move further along in the potential buying process. Later, clicking a button or link to make a purchase will feel like a natural step.

Additional Features

Including supportive features along with the call to action can be advantageous if they are used correctly. For instance, pictures and other imagery that relate directly to the text and do not distract the reader enhance the emotional appeal. Graphs and diagrams offer interesting details through visual tools. Including a few positive testimonies from customers just above or below the call to action also can be effective.

Concluding Thoughts

Fundamentally, all calls to action are very similar. They encourage the reader to do something that benefits the organization posting the content. This might be an immediate sale, further progress toward a sale, a donation to a nonprofit organization or a subscription to an email newsletter.

The content writer can learn more about effective calls to action by reading examples in highly successful blogs and in promotional materials crafted by copywriters. Feeling compelled to press that button or click the link is an indication that the particular technique being used is effective.