Back in the day, people carried pockets full of business cards. Occasionally, they'd hand them out and hope that they'd get a return call. Those days are gone. Ordinary paper business cards no longer get the job done. In fact, most people don't even carry them anymore. That doesn't mean that the business card no longer exists; it just means that the business card has evolved to the next level: the video business card. Video business cards carry a fully-functioning video message that allows you to engage with your customers in a new and inventive way. If you haven't entered the world of video business cards, you're missing out on their effectiveness. Here are four reasons why you need video business cards.

They Develop a Connection

With ordinary business cards, people receive limited information, such as your name, phone number, and the company you represent. Unfortunately, that's not enough information to create any type of connection between you and the person you handed your card to. That's where the video business card comes in to play. With the video card, your prospective clients will be left with a tangible reminder of you, a reminder that can help develop a connection.

It Only Takes a Minute to Make a Lasting Impression

When you hand out business cards, you're trying to make an impression. You want people to remember you long after you walk away. That's what you get with a video business card. When you walk away, people are left with a video providing a brief insight into what you have to offer them. While most videos are only about one minute in length, it only takes a minute to make a lasting impression.

It's a Technological World

This is no longer a world that revolves around the printed word. It's now a technological world, where everything revolves around the internet and video media. That's why you need the video business card. You need to show the world that you are a part of the technological world and you can provide a vital service.

They Bring Your Business Card to Life

When you hand out an ordinary business card, you hand out a piece of paper. However, video brings your business cards to life in vivid color. This is a highly competitive world. Don't let your opportunities pass you by. Use video business cards to get your name out to the world.

Make your business cards really work for you. Bring them to life with video. For more information, talk to companies like Executive Advertising.